About Us:

Hello everybody, welcome to Go Bold. I’m your host, Joetey Attariwala.


So this podcast is meant to be a voice for those that serve their nation and their communities – people that I like to think of as heroes.


On this podcast you’ll hear from military leaders, fighter pilots, sub commanders, warship captains, soldiers, police officers, first responders and healthcare specialists from around the globe.


My goal is to learn about their careers and the amazing things they do – AND to seek out life lessons and leadership skills as we go.


You’ll also hear discussions on current events in science and technology and innovation, and  discussions on global affairs — so to borrow a phrase from the movie Forrest Gump — this podcast will be like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get, but rest assured it will always be interesting and fun.


I believe the best stories are those that are told by the ones that lived them… some are well known, some may be seldom heard – but one thing is for sure, there’s no script here, just open freewheeling conversation.


Importantly, our conversations with leaders in the military and in the defence sector provides high value business information and insight. 


Why am I doing this?  I can say with hand-on-heart that I truly respect those that serve… whether that be in the military, emergency services or healthcare. I respect those that volunteer in their communities, and I have the highest regard for those that stand up and fight for human rights and equality. You, my friends, have my respect.


In the context of service, and from a very personal perspective, I want to pay respect to my grandfather who served as a Major in the British Indian Army. I’m also proud that my Dad served as a Lieutenant in the Canadian Army reserves.


In addition, I also had a uncle who served as a highly decorated Captain in the Indian Army; and I have a cousin who served as a fighter pilot and Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force. And today, I’m very proud of a second cousin who is serving in the United States Army.


As for me, I spent years working and volunteering with my local police department, so needless to say the spirit of service is strong in my family, and that background gives me great respect for all that choose to serve their nation or their communities.


So a bit more info about me… I grew up in Canada and I have been passionate about technology from a very young age. I’m particularly passionate about military technology which is often on the cutting edge. As a youngster I fondly remember going to open houses at the local Navy base, and to various air shows. I’d also often see military and coast guard helicopters flying near my home, so aviation filled me with awe then, just as it does now.


I mentioned I have a strong affiliation with my local police department with whom I’ve worked with in various capacities over the years. My friends are the ones that stay true to what policing actually is — and that’s responding to calls when people need help. They see things the average person doesn’t. One doesn’t really appreciate that unless they’ve been there, so I feel fortunate to know it first hand, and I can honestly say the good ones are the ones who treat everyone equally and fairly… those are the types of officers that have my respect.


Professionally, I trained as a medical doctor, and I can say without exception that my training gave me a true appreciation for the beauty and the fragility of life.


I believe that no one should take life for granted. My training gave me appreciation for family and for true friendships which I believe is the core foundation to a happy life — being around people you enjoy, sharing stories, laughing, learning from one another — that’s what life is all about and that’s exactly why I created this podcast — I love talking to people and I love hearing stories.


When we share stories of life’s ups and downs, and lessons learned, I feel we can help others to be better human beings.


One of the things that’s giving me great personal satisfaction, aside from connecting with some amazing people, is I am very proud that this podcast is a means to preserve history through all the amazing things my guests share.


Another reason I started this podcast is it allows me to have my own voice. This is my own personal effort to create and grow something new.


This podcast has been many months in the making and my focus and approach has gone though many iterations just to get to this point. I share this because I think that’s part of what life is all about — it’s a journey, it’s taking an idea and being passionate about it, developing it, and then putting in the effort to make it a reality.


I name this podcast GO BOLD because it’s my anthem for my life, and I say that from lessons I’ve learned.


Lessons like don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something — be ethical, be professional, be confident, be kind and most importantly, GO BOLD!


Now I need a moment to thank some people: Jeff Watson, Scott Campbell, Bob Whitaker, Ken Sekhon and Eric Ooms — I’ve bounced thoughts and ideas off of these gentlemen ad nauseam and to a person they have been kind and patient and supportive, they’ve given their advice, but more importantly they have given me their friendship for which I am forever grateful. I thank them for encouraging me to Go Bold!


I must also thank my parents for their unwavering love and support, for without them I wouldn’t be the man I am. Mom and Dad, thank you, I love you.


So, now that you know about how we got here and what this podcast is about, please join me on this journey and let’s have some fun.


You’re going to hear stories about fighter jets and bombers, tanks and submarines… you’ll hear about leadership and perseverance — and you’ll hear all of it from the men and women that choose to stand up and serve.


I hope you’ll be entertained, but more importantly it’s my hope that everyone who listens will come away with some nuggets of knowledge that will help you in your own life journey.


If you have interesting stories to share, please feel free to reach us at: goboldthepodcast@gmail.com


So welcome everyone and let’s have some fun. My name is Joetey Attariwala, and this is GO BOLD!