Go Bold #2: Lieutenant-General (Ret) Yvan Blondin shares his thoughts on procurement priorities for the Royal Canadian Air Force

We continue our chat with Lieutenant-General (Ret) Yvan Blondin, who led the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

In this episode we discuss the complexities of military procurement in Canada, and we talk about projects which have merit, and those that might be out of phase in relation to advances in technology.

The General speaks about fighter jets, air refueling tankers, remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), fighter lead-in trainers, airborne early warning and control, the RCAF Snowbirds air demonstration team, and topics like the use of companion fighters.

He also shares his insight about maintaining Air Force bases that have outlived their operational need, and why politics makes it nearly impossible to shut them down.

Through it all, this discussion is open and honest, and it’s direct from a man that previously led the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Thank you LGen Blondin for your unique perspective.

Go Bold!