Go Bold #4: Stories from the Cockpit: LtCol Rob Marshall, flying the AFSOC MC-130 Combat Shadow


LtCol Rob Marshall

Lieutenant-Colonel Rob Marshall is a United States Air Force pilot who has spent much of his career in the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). The command’s units are composed of highly trained, rapidly deployable airmen who are equipped with specialized aircraft to conduct special operations missions around the globe.


In this episode the Colonel shares his memories of flying the MC-130P Combat Shadow, an aircraft that he calls the “Jeep of the Sky”. You’ll hear about standard Air Force training, and how AFSOC trains, which is amongst the most demanding in the military.


You’ll hear examples of how the AFSOC community excels in special tactics like flying low and dirty, often with little or no support. The Colonel speaks about some of the harrowing experiences he’s had in various parts of the world, both in joint combined exercises and in combat.


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Thank you LtCol Marshall for sharing your story with us!


Go Bold!