Go Bold #7: Lieutenant-General (Ret) Yvan Blondin on No-Fly Zones over Ukraine

Lieutenant-General Blondin (center) speaking to members of the RCAF

Lieutenant-General (Ret) Yvan Blondin served as Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). In this episode, General Blondin shares his assessment (mid April 2022) of the Russian invasion of Ukraine; and he also shares his perspective on the feasibility of implementing a No-Fly Zone over the country.

The General also discusses current NATO posture after years of “peace dividend” drawdowns.

Using the Royal Canadian Air Force as an example, the General shares his unique knowledge about what it takes to deploy a combat force. You’ll learn about the numbers of pilots a modern Air Force needs to properly deploy its fighter aircraft, and just how difficult an endeavor that is. According to the General, many western nations today face the same challenges as Canada does.

Thank you General Blondin for your enlightening insight.

Go Bold!