Go Bold #8: The Bleeding Edge: Sentient Vision Systems ViDAR with Damien Tyrrell

This is the first episode of our Bleeding Edge series where we investigate new and emerging technologies and capabilities.

I’ve heard positive things about ViDAR – the world’s first Optical Radar developed by Sentient Vision Systems. Their ViDAR (Visual Detection and Ranging) Optical Radar is a maritime wide-area search system proven to operate up to Sea State 6.

The optical search system uses proprietary software to autonomously find objects on the surface of the ocean over vastly greater areas than traditional search methods.

ViDAR Optical Radar is also available with Sentient’s VMS range of airborne pods and other integration options which can be easily deployed on fixed-wing and rotary-wing crewed and uncrewed aircraft.

The technology isn’t widely known, so I speak with Damien Tyrrell of Sentient Vision Systems, who are experts in this field.

You’ll hear how ViDAR works, and you’ll hear about real world rescues that have been aided by this technology. You’ll also hear how Sentient is developing ViDAR for applications beyond search and rescue.

Thanks to Damien Tyrrell for explaining this fascinating technology.

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